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Spreading Smiles One Child At A Time


Mission Statement

There was never a time that our own birthdays weren't celebrated as children. Now that we are parents of three beautiful children, we can remember each birthday of each child being celebrated, and look forward to the planning of the next to come. Behind the celebrations and the opportunity to invite friends and family to join in , there is a thought and a purpose. Has anyone wondered why is it that we celebrate birthdays for ourselves and our children? Not only do we want to keep an account of how old they are and how they have grown and progressed as each year goes by, but most importantly we want to ensure that each child feels special on their birthday. The feeling of being blessed, the feeling of being wanted and the proof that family and friends love you is unequalling to any other.

The ability to promote that feeling then leads to self worth and self confidence, it encourages motivation and ambition, and each happy child is more productive in any enviornment, as their social skills develop faster, they feel the need to share and engage in longer term friendships, and lastly they create memories that will last them a life time.

It all starts with a Birthday Cake!

We perceive it as our birth right of food, shelter and clothing, since parents are supposed to provide the same, but with the under privileged that is not the case. Charities and Foundations globally cater to the needs of the under privileged . Our BirthdayCake foundation would like to start that journey with a cake on each child's birthday, and that is our mission.

We hope you can be part of our journey, to spread love and happiness, just by donating a cake!

Azzal and Danish Chotani





Special Thanks to The Cocoa Box for baking and selling us cakes at a wonderful price

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